Welcome to the couch

Welcome to the couch

Welcome to the couchWelcome to the couchWelcome to the couch


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Stacy and Brad’s Watkins Glen Podcast


A hyper-local podcast about Watkins Glen, NY. Government, music, food, beer, wine and local interviews, stories with humor and heart from people you know.  Let's get together on the couch, everybody is welcome.


Call: 607-767-7910

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We haven’t updated this in a while but so much has happened. The last update was several months ago and since then we have been lucky enough to interview a bunch of great folks. 

If you have had a chance to listen to any of the shows, let us know if you have a favorite guest and as always, if you want to do a show with us, feel free to reach out.

We added a new phone number, call us! 


Enjoy and as always, if you would like to join us, please send an email to or look us up on Facebook - Wet Couch Radio

On the Grill


Kevin Thornton was gracious enough to share a simple recipe for martinis with us.


We have had his martinis and can testify that they are awesome! 

The recipe is so simple.

Martini Glass (not a coffee mug)


Gin or Vodka (any kind)

Ice (frozen is best)

1. Put enough vermouth in your martini glass to coat the entire inner surface, swirl and discard the extra in either the sink or on the floor if you have a cat who likes vermouth.

2. Put ice and gin in your favorite shaker and shake baby shake!

3. Pour that cold, shaken gin into your pre-vermouthed martini glass.

4. Add 2 olives 

5. Enjoy

Thank you for the recipe Kevin, we look forward to having martinis with you.



Q’s and sometimes A’s

We just did a show with Brian Eslinger and this came up:

”Coffee breaks, cab rides, green rooms. Real growth often happens outside of where we intend it to, in the interstitial spaces—what Dr. Seuss calls, “The Waiting Place.”

—-Bruce May

In what ”waiting place” did you experience something important?